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AQUARIAN LIGHT NETWORK INSTITUTE aims to basic or central institutional design, technical design, implementation of participatory management in such consensual basis as possible, to promote voluntary, cooperative sustainability, the social representation of the proposed international and continuous improvement and  an integrated global network of small agro -ecological settlements intentional ( or ecovillage ecovillage ), increasingly sustainable, preferably located in the highlands and remote, worldwide, in view of what is agreed is called tHE WORLD WIDE LIGHT STATION  AQUARIAN, or simply, LIGHT NETWORK, which is also governed by the guidelines of Agenda Aquarian.
As the core of sustainability, LIGHT NETWORK, SKY HARBOR STATION PORT EXPEDITO 's proposal is to develop educational activities, experiences, courses, workshops, lectures and research to bring this new concept to people of all ages and sectors of society.  To do that, use of philosophies, techniques and knowledge to the human being implement the concept of sustainability in their day- to-day.
Building with responsibility
Co - existence in diversity
Cultivating Sustainability
Celebrating Life, Art, Science and Creativity
Share with the world
Act as an instrument of awareness and transformation of paradigms that the human being to introduce a new level of consciousness and quality of life.

Establish a core diffusion of knowledge and techniques of sustainability that will become a reference for future initiatives from all sectors of society.
Top view of a complex
Its main goals: the establishment of research stations parascientific and metaphysics in rural areas, ie ECOVILLAGE of researchers, the same projects being built by the entire planet.
These stations will consist of:
1 - An astronomical observatory and AEROSPACE OBSERVATORY MONITORING AND WATCHES ( and even unidentified aerial phenomena are seen consistently in the areas ), and in the region of Mantiqueira Mountauns, in the south of Minas Gerais state in the municipality of Maria da Fe.
2 - The creation of a planetary center of holistic medicine, ( PLANETARY CURE CENTER ) to meet in the main branches of alternative, holistc, quantum, planetary and complementary  medicines, and various forms of cure.
3 - From a PLANET CENTER OF ORGANIC AGRICULTURE, Permaculture and Biodynamic, AN ECO CENTER OF PERMACULTURE already in the process of implementation.
4 - In a CAPITATION INFORMATIONS CENTER, which shall be gathered all forms of human knowledge.
It is a non-governmental organization and follows the guidelines of the Aquarian Agenda as follows:
Guidelines Aquarian Agenda:
The following twenty- two (22) guidelines coordinative work and dedication of all the LIGHTWORKERS.
Guideline 01
To design, deploy, develop and maintain world and the second sixteen (16) distinct types, thousands of settlements agroecological patterns that may follow from purely linear structures up radio- concentric ( mandalas ) and more complex compositions or mixed, to be located in sites  relatively isolated geographic and above 800 meters in height above the present sea level, in watersheds, on top of hills, on top of mountains, plateaus or natural amphitheaters, the technique always worth the terrace through walls  low walls or prop, seeking a precise definition of its limits and its vibrational characteristics as geometric cellular units of sixteen GLOBAL NETWORKS STATION AQUARIAN that in any way, should avoid coastal sea, even mountainous, and riverbanks,  lakes or ponds, the middle of forests, native or not, and seismic regions of great destructive potential;
Guideline 02
Performing such settlements in terms of agro-ecological cell solutions ( isolated and self-determined as " independent cells "), and second, planetary scale networks, and that, while possible, will operationalize a strong commitment to the micro-regional and local realities and their indigenous peoples,  while practicing on the one hand, and the crops consortium called " food and herbal gardening " radical replacement in the monocultures in general and the mass production of food and, on the other hand, practice, too, the large afforestation planetarium;
Guideline 03
Each of the 16 GLOBAL NETWORKS must have the collective heritage of land and improvements in general and multiple forms or types of membership as long as the socio-cultural system still in force, and relinquish the institutes of private ownership of property and its improvements stationary  and of territorial boundaries at all scales, adopting in their place, jurisdictions shared responsibility ecological-environmental, humanitarian, civil defense and aid to refugees in general, always networking;
Guideline 04
These settlements called " Aquarian " should be organized according to structures that accommodate single-family model of social organization and community, and children, from seven to eight years of age may join in common dwellings - male and female - under  the guidance of parents and the whole community, in terms of the paradigms of education and training for community life in WORLD NETWORK, where the traditional school serial disappears in favor of teacher-student relationships and interaction of all involved from topics  of common interest and specialized teaching spaces, according to each stage or time of children and youth;
Guideline 05
All elderly and unable, temporarily or permanently, should be welcomed by communities in accordance with the guidelines enshrined by each network.  All stand as fathers or mothers, uncles or aunts, grandmothers or grandfathers, sons and daughters from each other, and worldwide, being the exchange between networks in order to better meet identified as cases of particular complexity;
Guideline 06
For the maintenance and restoration of health, individuals, communities in general and all global networks should consider, increasingly, the vibrational essence therapy, energy and natural as well as extrassensoriais techniques to search for alternative technologies based on  not physical, or in any way universal, including from the use of assistance from Intelligences extraphysical or remotely located in space- time, and self-healing from internal resources;
Guideline 07
Individuals, communities and networks in general increasingly seek to transcend their ancient demands for religious practices, traditional or modern, but will seek to celebrate the birth and passing (natural death of the physical body ), studying and practicing meditation, contemplation and creativity run (dance , music, art applied to utilities in general and technological development ) as well as studies on the developing states of consciousness outside the physical body and direct experience with intelligence or extrasensory or non-terrestrial aliens as well as intelligence without expression in the physical,  members of all kingdoms;
Guideline 08
Not create animals for slaughter for human consumption of meat and other future products, but ensure, the natural environment, for all the fauna, flora and landscape, while a live feed and crugívora strongly frugivorous;
Guideline 09
Will draw on, creative and inventive in the short to medium term, multiple alternative sources of renewable energy and low-impact eco -environment, as they dedicate also to the development of parascience as Radionics, and the Psychotronics Phenomena  as well as the experience in the UFO or ufosofy in its various aspects and international fronts of action or commitment, seeking even break the constraints imposed by official policy of cover-up, usually held for ulterior purposes, and the presence of extra and intraterrestrial on earth since immemorials times;
Guideline 10
To each other openly, experiments, inventions, discoveries, knowledge, patents in general, models, designs, prototypes, materials, seeds and seedlings of common interest, spreading products, knowledge and solutions that ensure the other communities and global networks to mutual  increasing levels of independence and cooperation;
Guideline 11
Each community, each of the sixteen (16) global networks should be established in geographic sites minimally above 800 meters from the current level of the Sea, particularly in regions of the field, avoiding in this way, environmental degradation  forests and woodlands, and will not grow ( swell ), but will multiply like cells, organized in networks worldwide, with settlements planned for a minimum of 170 and a maximum of 710 permanent residents, on average, but capable  for up to ten percent of the population due to the surplus under Community transit regional or global;
Guideline 12
Not share the ideals associated purposes aimed at the implementation of a central government, and only global, but of self-government at the individual and human communities organized in networks, and to avail of meeting local, regional, continental, hemispheric and planetary  to ensure the necessary harmony between all networks and their relations with each other and the Planet Gaia (Earth ) and the Life;
Guideline 13
Seek not to serve partisan political causes or paramilitary of any kind or nature, but will work cooperatively to build the practice of new possibilities for themselves and for all, prepared for the death of the current civilization and its values, practices and institutions such as  a process as natural as necessary for human spiritual progress;
Guideline 14
Seek, and Aquarian for each station for all 16 global networks, increasing levels of self-determination, self-sufficiency and self-subsistence forward to the present model, this model is no longer appropriate to levels of consciousness that each day has proved more capable of demonstration in Gaia (Earth), generation after generation;
Guideline 15
All Sixteen (16) GLOBAL NETWORKS will increasingly intensive development of the party apparatus and experimental light for flight, with an emphasis in the short term, to craft solutions that allow vertical takeoff and landing, and will seek to assert, as a means of transport  for the global interconnection of all networks to each other, airships and light aircraft rotary wing, among other means, until other technologies become available, leaving aside the supported forms of transport on roads, railway and traditional  use of vessels;
Guideline 16
Seek to provide every community the right to know all parts of Gaia  (Earth ) through the settlement members of the global network with which each one most afinizou, and share experiences with people from other networks through the exchange of talents, services and  knowledge of common interest, or even through the establishment of settlements of common interest to all global networks, cooperatively managed and maintained, with specific purposes or under special activities, including interest BEACONS including geodetic and Aerospace  HEADLIGHTS, ecological monitoring, forest and rescue procedures for sustainability of life on Gaia (Earth), WAREHOUSES for sharing or sharing of any surplus production and support of joint missions or groups of pilgrims wheels manufacturers, manufacturing nucleus and incubation initiatives  technology and advanced studies, COLONIES of reception, emergency care, intensive training and inclusion of refugees in general, and bases or complex interplanetary open access to people not of this earth;
Guideline 17
Each NETWORK WORLD may adopt, with time, clothing and shoes which are characteristic, as well as, together, define identifiers for the collective recognition of the special roles or specialties for the community to understand or recognize and highlight some of his  members, temporarily or permanently;
Guideline 18
Recognize the elderly, men and women, increasingly, the condition of local legislators and officials, leaving the communities themselves, and global networks gathered in assembly, the overcoming of conflicts of interest or the demands and decisions on the directions and procedures for  management of their evolutionary processes and the global community;
Guideline 19
There will not be promoted in the future, territorial boundaries of any kind, but only a jurisdictional boundaries of ecological responsibility and environmental NETWORK cooperative management of natural resources, while the demands for the same can not be replaced by other solutions or even eliminated.  Alternative means, conventional or not, to generate electricity, traction, transport, communications, materials in general and restoring individual and collective health, among other features, will be lovingly and generously shared among all global networks through common procedures to be  duly established;
Guideline 20
Conclaves local, regional, continental, hemispheric and global meetings will mark the networks together and communities within each one of them, always in expectation of promoting brotherhood among all of the conditions suitable for the full manifestation of life in all its forms and  mutual cooperation in the context of issues of interest to share in fellowship;
Guideline 21
The Sixteen (16) GLOBAL NETWORKS - generically known as ARAMAS, a term meaning " united " or " brotherhoods " - the world adopt a single name for Planet Earth, which is " GAIA," and the Gentile IAMASSÍ for all domiciled in any  one of 16 " Aquarian Nations," while people may have with aliens in general, as well as intelligence without physical expression in our space-time dimension, the best relations of mutual respect and cooperation for the good of all ranks of the Human Kingdom,  represented or not in GAIA, and cooperate whenever requested, with individuals, groups or isolated or nomadic camps and, for some reason or reason, have found it difficult to take shelter in one of the Sixteen (16) global networks of AQUARIAN sETTLEMENTS (  " Aquarian Nations " or Aramas) during, or after, the events on the stage of breaking the current cultural model, as a stage of transition - Pisces-Acquarius;
Guideline 22
All settlements of all 16 AQUARIAN STATIONS OF GLOBAL NETWORKS (" Aquarian Nations " or ARAMAS ), remain in their local facilities suitable for landing or demonstration of machinery, transportation equipment assemblies or no land ( vimanas, IGAI-MÃS , volitores , Chalandras, amacês and cassandras in general), coming from all cultural systems of space or linked to other worlds with which each community comes to physical contact or Hyperphysics, replacing GAIA and its people in the larger contexts of UNA sidereal Consciousness as a WHOLE  and their particular human expression, not only as terrestrial phenomenon, but as something universal and cosmic- sky, regardless of the morphological aspects of physical and nonphysical expressions of the protagonists involved in this process.
This project is aimed at those who by their own effort and enthusiasm have become familiar with the idea of creating a new course for the man on the planet Earth, to the idea of returning to Nature, Agriculture and Natural Medicine, FENG SHUI,  Biodynamics, Reiki, Floral, Ecology, Alternative Technologies, Acupuncture, Yoga, Shiatsu, Do in, Bioenergetics, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Astronomy, Psychotronics, Radionics, Radiestesy, Kardec, Natural Food, Esoteric, Astrology, Planes of Consciousness, Chakras, study  of Seven Bodies, Medicinal Herbs, mental and physical development, and equipment Beings and Extraterrestrials Intra etc..
We are workers involved in post -transition time (if it exists), but whose work must start before, so as to ensure a minimum of infrastructure to those who remain in GAIA, including rescuing them and welcoming them in the first  time.
The Ecovillage parascientific should seek the values ??of humanity, saving and teaching future generations that humanity has reached more pure and high.  So this community, if you really want to be preserved, should be followed by the high ideals of higher spirituality.

Therefore, we at LIGHT NETWORK, we are starting in the mountains of the southern state of Minas Gerais, in the land of the municipality of Maria da Fé - BRAZIL, the planetary chakra of Mantiqueira Mountains, particularly the settlement of the City, the first station of Light Network.
  In summary, the main idea is the implementation of an ecovillage and station, with future residents and imbued interested primarily in preserving the environment and the spiritual and physical development, on the theme of free thought and fraternal, cooperative and community, following  rules dictated by a statute of operation, rules and Supplemental Rules, in order to self -sufficiency and self -subsistence of its members, according to similar projects that amount to about more than 8,000 worldwide, originated from groups that  together under " motes ", "leagues", " glue " or " glues " ( English term ), linking its founders, such as:
- Culture.
- Art.
- Occupation.
- Knowledge.
- Religion.
- Music.
- Other.
Rooms will be constructed for the operation of offices, research labs and residences of the researchers.
Are 5 ( five ) main types of lines of work and its buildings:
1 - Construction of a room to function as a Holistic Medical Center Planetarium, to meet members of the station, residents of the neighborhood, city and who need more care.  It will be run by therapists and health and Cure professionals in the following major areas:
- Reiki.
- Doin.
- Shiatsu.
- Massage therapy.
- Floral.
- Magneto - therapy.
- Treatment with medicinal herbs.
- Other.
2 - Construction of a room for the operation of an astronomical observatory, meteorological phenomena and aerospace, built on a plateau high in the area and good visibility, the horizon of greater than 260 ( two hundred sixty ) degrees, researchers led by members of the Station.
3 - Construction of a room for the operation of an information center, gathering all kinds of information, also formed by a library for storing information on the key areas of human knowledge including:
-Medicine, - Dentistry, - Architecture, - Mechanical; - Hydraulic; - Physics, - Chemistry, - Biology; - Agriculture - Culture - Spiritual Line; - Other.
4 - Construction of a room for development projects in the areas of Organic Agriculture, Permaculture and Biodynamic and related areas as well as a location for research into varieties of non-GM seeds and seedlings, namely:
-Creation and installation of a Seeds Bank and a herbarium.
- Bonding, acquisition, storage and retrieval of calls "crioulas"seeds    or indigenous native seeds.
- Studies and deployment of new crops in the region that do not harm the environment, aiming at the maintenance of the Ecovillage residents, staff and visitors in transit, including:
* Fish Culture.
* Mini - farms, only to produce eggs.
* Minhoculture.
* Apiary.
* Horticulture semi-commercial level.
* Production in Greenhouses.
* Other.
5 - Simple dwellings for shelter residents and researchers, and their direct relatives, as well as rooms for community use and operation as:
- Community Kitchen.
- Planting.
- Bondage - water.
- Deposits and Waiver.
- Warehouse.
- Canteen.
= Workshops - tools.
- Orchard.
- Other.

Will be done primarily in the area of the municipality of Maria da Fé, more specifically in the area located around the Serra da Mantiqueira in small site with the technical characteristics described above, small size, which takes about at least 800 (eight hundred) meters  square, with access to water, with or without existing buildings and improvements, acquired, leased or under for the lending entity, which is formed according to the Brazilian Association of Non Governmental Organizations, according to the laws in force in  Brazil's national territory, and in agreement with the owners in the area ceded legal document, approved and official as favorable for the implementation of the project.
To begin, we form an Ecovillage Agricultural, because we have to be as fast as possible, self-sufficient in everything we produce our own food, our own clothes, etc..  While that happens the construction of houses and laboratories and the planting of cereals and other agricultural products, and food and other objects for sale to help buy materials for construction, materials and payment of operating expenses .
Stakeholders, spiritual people in general, contact us at: LIGHT NETWORK - PROJECT CEPPAXC PO BOX 26 - MARIA DA FÉ- MG CEP 37517-000 - BRAZIL e-mail
Main structures:
  - Square of conviviality and mutual activities.
  - Circle of downtown living and specialized activities.
  - Astrophysical Observatory, Air and Meteorological Monitoring.
  - Tanks for fish farming and bee hives.
  - Outdoor activities.
  - Permaculture Mandalas.
  - Area Habitat for physical activity and Animals (optional).
  - Ceremonial Area.
  - Main entrance library and administration.
- Square of conviviality and mutual activities
Center of circulation which will have a drawing of a flower of life (sacred geometry).
There will be six small gardens with various species of trees to be defined later, all, or most, of the native flora.
  - Circle of coexistence
Consisting of 12 residential units, each built from a point of convergence of the mesh flower of life.  Each housing unit will have the form of a geodesic structure 12 meters in diameter by 6 high, allowing the formation of two floors.
Examples of geodesic homes
Each structure will be used for specific activities such as:
• Research of renewable energy.
• Technologies and recycling upcycling.
• Studies of Permaculture, rural and urban as well as sustainable farming systems.
• Activities for the Elderly.
• Center for Cures.
• Studies of sustainable economic systems for villages and small communities.
• Crafts from alternative materials with the implementation of workshops.
• Research building systems from renewable raw materials, recycled, etc..
• Information Center.
• Research system w / water reuse and wastewater treatment with zero impact, among others.
Within the initial proposal, the second floor will only occupy half of the acreage available to not harm the flow of light, sound and air.
Will be constructed in masonry and superadobe, and already provide for systems to capture rainwater, solar energy for electricity and heating as well as sewage without environmental impact;
It is anticipated that all units to acquire 100% self-sustainability.

  - Astrophysical Observatory, Meteorological and Air Monitoring (also UFOLOGICAL)
Construction of a room for the operation of an astronomical observatory, meteorological phenomena and aerospace, built on a plateau high in the area and good visibility, horizon greater than 260 (two hundred sixty) degrees, researchers led by members of the Station.
  - Fish tank, Beehive beekeeping and agroforestry
Nursery for the production of fingerlings of some species of fish.
It is envisaged the creation of the Nile Tilapia and Carps, both well adapted to Brazilian climatic conditions, as well as native species.  Will also be created; waterfowl to help establish a complete cycle in the food chain and therefore a sustainable eco-system.
It will also be gradually deployed an agro-forestry, with the planting of fruits and vegetables inserted between species of native trees.  This system uses as pest control his own region's biodiversity, and has produced excellent results in productivity and regeneration of ecosystems where it was deployed.
Honey production will come from native bee species and / or foreign, that designation being subject to impact analysis and future changes in the food chain that each species has
- Rooms activities
A placeholder for theater, music, workshops, experiences, meetings and art activities will be the counterpoint to technical and scientific activities of research, also allowing the development of these skills as important for the manifestation of human creativity.  Are also provided here, practices yoga, tai chi, and group activities that require a greater area covered.
- Permaculture Mandalas
Mandalas are permaculture systems that take full advantage of the ground without wear, and with the minimum requirement for labor.  Each mandala will also include a storage silo-shaped pyramid, to store grain and other non-perishable food.  The pyramid shape was chosen to inhibit the formation of biotic agents is through their geometric structure.
The core will produce a new earth and search for permaculture systems applicable in both rural and urban areas through simple techniques that anyone can use in your day-to-day.

- Area of physical activities.
How should consider the principle that "If it's not fun, is not sustainable" Porto EXPEDITO will have areas for sports activities, and group activities to help develop the mind-body balance as a source of health and expand  spheres of human relationships on the prism also fun.
Here are practiced team games and alternative activities outdoors.  Is provided a multi-purpose sports court and other activities such as tai chi, yoga and even martial arts.
In this space will also be held to cure for drug addiction, depression and other mental and emotional illnesses, associated with equine therapy, nature therapy;

Habitat for Animals
This unit will be ready, chicken coop, barn, kennel and other facilities for housing animals land and building houses for nesting birds.  His presence will aim to develop contact with humans, there may be, eventually producing mainly cattle and goats milk and eggs of birds.  Both for subsistence.
-Ceremonial Area
Placeholder for silence, meditation, contemplation and personal insight are considered as a counterpoint to balance community living.
A celebration of life in all its forms in nature and individuals will also have an appropriate place.
This area will also go to circular ceremonies and activities related to the exaltation of the planet as living consciousness "Gaia."
Will also include a pyramid for meditation, and a cylindrical house for contemplative activities, will be an area to cultivate inner silence and observation.
Main Entrance - Administration and Library
This construction will include a common area (yellow) for reception and transit of residents and visitors.  Administrative area (blue) for internal meetings, and library with print and digital information of all kinds open for consultations, preparation of studies as well as projects (red).
This center will also work an educational center for children and young people by integrating all the principles of sustainability (natural form of spirituality) to education.
Art Center
Is planned to integrate arts center with a recording studio, editing room, painting room and a multimedia center to send messages of awareness to the planet, and to share all the knowledge developed through experience and techniques developed in the Porto Expedito Station.
The green areas are randomly arranged representation of trees and gardens to be planted to promote the proliferation of native wildlife, as well as foil its "appetite" of mandalas for subsistence.  The presence of these trees will also help create a micro-climate making the entire area more resistant to any weather sites.
A system of irrigation and drainage water, covering the entire area is also expected to enhance the design aesthetics and organically.
It is a living idea, which will evolve into even more dynamic concepts of communication between all this eco-system.
All plantings will be outlined in contour when implementing designs Sacred Geometry.
NET LIGHT AQUARIAN STATION PORTO EXPEDITO is a project which links the new Transformers concepts of structural paradigms of the current civilization, the knowledge of ancient cultures that have changed the trajectory of human knowledge, and that in many respects even today have not been treated.
Embrace the new without discarding the knowledge truly timeless, is the philosophy of this audacious project.  His commitment is with all the changes that can leverage our civilization to a sustainable geo-reality.  And his way is through the pursuit of harmony based on the awareness of the law of interdependence, universal.
Climate signals that are popping up already launched the challenge, the challenge is time.  The results of the reckless actions of our civilization in recent modern history are now completing the circle that connects the cause to effect...
Or do we begin effectively the changes that are needed, or, mathematically, we will reap the results of the acts of our past.  Although many of them are irreversible, PORTO EXPEDITO compensatory provides solutions to mitigate many of the crises in the future, and the deficiency of energy and even food.
Even more than a commercial view, realize the value and importance of this project could in future become a matter of necessity, or even survival.
"Aquarian Nation"
GLOBAL NETWORKS settlement intentional character is a pacifist, ecological, reincarnation, and transdimensional interplanetary (open to the presence and extra inner earth civilizations as well as spatial and Hyperphysics not recognized by current generations and the dominant culture), which will inaugurate the AQUARIAN CIVILIZATION  on Planet Gaia (Earth) from the shelter of remaining united and cooperative process-Acquarius-PISCES (Transition Pisces-Acquarius).
These are expressions GLOBAL NETWORKS, on planet Gaia (Earth) and the physical plane of manifestation, of the sixteen (16) hierarchies, orders, or fleets under the phalanges which are organized by affinity people and interplanetary space from diverse backgrounds, all represented  under the so-called Project Earth, ie, the rescue of the planet, their recovery for new evolutionary purposes, the reintroduction of the general conditions of sustainability of life, the biological availability of genetic fitness (bodies) for the birth of individual human souls  earthly physical bodies - these souls also sidereal multiple sources - and the conditions for monitoring the evolution of their processes, as well as full and open disclosure of hierarchies through everyday interaction with the land (Iamassis), on an increasing scale.
GLOBAL NETWORKS These are in the process of self and autorreconhecimento, and the settlements being developed, for the most part, still (2010 AD) are not grouped by affinity and also in most cases, still do not follow the characteristic patterns of  each of the sixteen (16) GLOBAL NETWORK OF STATIONS AQUARIAN revealed.  Many initiatives are still scattered, diffuse, not recognizing themselves and each other, knowing little or nothing about the relationship they have with each other, although strongly linked in subtle planes of consciousness, where the protagonists are more lucid  and less attached to the still dominant cultural values, individually and collectively.
Global networks in question - dubbed the "Aquarian Nations" - are designated by names 16 "keys" or "mantrics" in the case, in Portuguese of Brazil, where such "keys" were recorded from various sources psychic  and, therefore, anonymous.
To introduce themselves to each other such networks should be allowed to be present on the Internet with their own website and domain (. ORG) in which each one should, and highlight the name with which afiniza open their presentations with a link (URL) access.
The formal communication with other networks already self identified complete the process.  In the case of double or triple manifestation, those involved should seek proper understanding to overcome the apparent impasse, since the 16 WORLD NETWORK STATIONS Aquarians have a good time to make adjustments that may be necessary, including through mergers, splits and  relocation, reviews of staff and models, among other expedients cooperative and fraternal nature.
There is no formal leadership global or international, but only one network communication from the leaders of each network or self identified groups and initiatives who were in the process of self-identification, will mark the fact that, over time, the 16 "nations"  future, will have the planet Gaia (Earth) as a territory as free as in common.

The are called Points of Light are geographic areas where there are naturally high concentrations of both material and transcendental energies, and these sites are in fact planetary allow for the maintenance of life as we know it.  We always seek to link these sites with the points used in acupuncture treatments for her.
Like the human body has seven points of concentrated energy, commonly referred to as "chakras", which are spreading throughout the body via the meridians themselves with various points with higher or lower concentrations in which acupuncture works, and these  activate certain organs of the body, so also is the body of the planet.
Every living planet is a huge "Being" with their "chakras" and several major sub-points connected to these.  Energies that maintains the life of these points are used to vitalize everything and everyone, without which the planet as a whole to become, not getting stone unturned.
These hotspots are all over the globe, and in Brazil in number of 62, all invariably in non-urban areas and places of higher elevations.  Mentors DESIGN CEPPAXC staked out about 53 of these points in BRAZIL where work could be done for environmental preservation, cultivation of subsistence farming and enhancing contact with the hierarchies of land to mentor the development of these worlds, of these, 44 are ativáveis.  These contacts are via sensitivity, physical UFO or through portals, which exist naturally in these points, connecting them with other physical realities and Hyperphysics.
Some of these points were completely "blocked" by the actions of our society in the destruction of natural ecosystems, preventing its use by both hierarchies as access to energy.  This is the main mechanism of disease of the Planet and its current poor health.
Through contacts with these hierarchies, some groups began to seek to acquire land in these places and there carry out work under the guidance of mentors, seeking to balance these points through the preservation, management and fraternal work of subtle energies.  So try these people, performing the role of the acupuncturist, and enable more and more these sites, seeking to promote planetary healing.
These works are very serious, and stand at Points of Light, any action resulting in great results.  People involved in these jobs are people like any other, but who show an especially great love for his world and everything in it created, and indirectly end up making "contacts" of our humanity with extraterrestrial beings to mentor planetary evolution, its  origin, maintenance and possible natural changes necessary.
It is incorrect to say that in cities and urbanized areas, people activate and maintain Points of Light with his alchemical procedures for the management of subtle energies in mentoring planetary Hierarchy, Ascended Masters or aliens.  This type of work is impossible to be performed in these locations, and management of these forces could take whomever they are wrong, then crooked and frustration.
What can be done is a work in communion with the energies of a point of light close to existing cities, and do so in line with these fumes, channeling the distributions in the cities, but aware that they are coming from a point  Light already known by the group, thus promoting a continuous flow of these energies benefiting people, animals and nature.
Currently a similar work is performed by people who make up the project CEPPAXC, which has goals of working in aid of groups who want to activate Points of Light throughout South America, especially in BRAZIL, Argentina and Peru.
These points are of course, repeat, we only help in your natural role on the planet.
(1) Aquarian Light Network (LIGHT POINT)>>> GV Open /
group of potential stakeholders
Link =
(2) Schedule Aquarian Age (Aquarian Calendar)>>> GV Open
Link =

(3) Portal AURORA NETWORK>>> Partially open / group of potential stakeholders
Link =

(4) Amasofia drops>>> GV Open
Link =

(5) Extraterrestrial Presence>>> GV Open
Link =

(6) Transition & Crossing>>> GV Open
Link =

(7) Transition Ecotechnologies>>> Partially Open
Link = <>

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